In all things, an early detection of an obstacle is way better than finding a solution to an already existing problem. At American Tire Depot, we guarantee the safety of your vehicle, so long as its routine and regular maintenance inspection is executed in our store outlets. We also recommend our clients into checking or personally identifying any given problems, be it minor, or major, so as to allow American Tire Depot skilled mechanics and technicians to take over the problem upon the entry of the vehicle in our shop.

During an American Tire Depot maintenance inspection, a client’s vehicle will be entailed of a full maintenance inspection checklist to ensure nothing surpasses the service we honor our beloved clients and customers. Only by this process we can endorse safety.

Our mechanics and technicians begin with a visual analysis of the vehicle. It should not be estimated how clearly visible parts that may be missing, broken, or damaged, can be found just by mere sight. Our checklist includes checking the tires for any uneven wear and tear, for any unusual bald spots on the tires may not always mean it’s time to purchase new tires, rather balding spots may represent a problem in certain parts of the vehicle, such as the rods, alignment or bearing. Signs of damage such as rusts in, or under the body of the vehicle may also represent a certain problem or condition that needs attention. The state of all parts, likewise of the vehicle’s windshield, wipers, battery, belts and hoses are all just mere part of our extensive maintenance inspection.

Furthermore, vehicular check up on fluids and signal lights are a must. Headlights break lights and signal lights are vital to safety and life, and so American Tire Depot mechanics and technicians endow a full check-up of wiring and function. Notes on the mileage and tire pressure are prevalently conducted as well. These are just a few highlight of what American Tire Depot has to offer. Thorough inspections are made and clients are advised of such problems. A detailed cost shall then be presented to our valued customers before any corrections are made.

For your maintenance inspection, please visit us at your nearest American Tire Depot store.