What Makes a Fuel Efficient Tire So Efficient?

Fuel efficient tires are designed to roll with less resistance, which in turn puts less strain on the engine. Original equipment tires are generally more efficient than about 60 percent of the replacement tires on the market today. When you switch from the original tires to the replacements, chances are you are losing gas mileage unless you take care to purchase tires with better rolling resistance. Fuel efficient tires are made with innovative combinations of materials that generate less heat during the drive. These tires also have a reduced tread depth to further decrease the resistance factor. Of course, many people overlook another way they can help even fuel efficient tires save even more precious fuel; reducing the weight of your vehicle. Are you lugging around tools, equipment, and other heavy objects you might not need right at that moment? Removing them and lightening your load means less work for your engine, plus a cleaner vehicle.

How Can I Improve My Gas Mileage With My Tires?

Proper tire inflation is an important part of optimizing your vehicle for good gas mileage. Under inflated tires can cut your mileage by as much as 6 percent, according to some studies. Add to that 6 percent the one mile per gallon you lose when you operate your air conditioner and it's clear that you really want to check your tire pressure to increase gas mileage. Other ways to use your tires to increase mileage include driving steadily, with no jackrabbit starts or sudden braking. Fuel efficient tires are also an excellent way to improve gas mileage even more.

Fuel Efficient Tire Savings

Some believe that gas mileage and tire size seem to be related in terms of how you measure the mileage factor. Your odometer may reflect better mileage with bigger tires. Some experts refute this by pointing out that larger tires will make the odometer read a greater distance traveled-unless the odometer is recalibrated for the larger tires. Your actual gas mileage and tire size issues may have more to do with the fact that your odometer isn't calibrated for the bigger size than an actual savings. Your best bet to increase gas mileage is to use fuel efficient tires with better rolling resistance, and keep those tires properly balanced and inflated.